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1960s-themed restaurant to open in Duluth and give back to customers

May 08, 2022 06:29AM ● By Editor
Photos: KBJR-TV

Bo Fogal from KBJR-TV • May 6, 2022

A ‘groovy’ new restaurant is taking over the rotating top floor of the Radisson Hotel in Duluth.

The Apostle Supper Club and False Eyedoll Lounge will replace the JJ Astor restaurant which opened back in 2010. 

 Owner of Apostle Supper Club, Brian Ingram, said he designed the restaurant as Palm Springs during the 1960s for good reason.

“Minnesota winters are cold and they’re getting long so we wanted to add a lot of the green and a lot of that as opposed to a traditional Wisconsin supper club so we are super excited to get it open,” said Ingram.

Another unique quality of the restaurant is what’s called “hope and prayer cards.”

“People can come in and they can share what their hopes are, what their dreams are, what their prayers are and a lot of our give back is done through that.” 


Not only that, but Ingram added at least 3 percent of their proceeds will be given back to the community.

Doors opened to the public on Friday, May 5, 2022. 

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