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Meet your Cook County neighbors: Catching up with the Laky's

Apr 07, 2022 05:48AM ● By Editor
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April 7, 2022

It has been a little over two years since Mark retired after 34 years of working for UPS.  He was always well known by the locals for going above and beyond in deliveries.  How are the two of you doing since he retired? 

Great! We love spending more time together and also with our family. It gives us time to do things that we enjoy now that we have the time. Mark enjoys gardening in the summer and we both reach out to the community and help people in their time of need.

Have you had any travel plans or big home improvement accomplishments since life slowed down in retirement?

No. We have enjoyed just being home and spending time with our grandchildren.

You have such a close knit family.  Can you tell us a little bit about your family and how everyone has been doing throughout the pandemic?  

We are blessed with 3 beautiful daughters! Hannah lives with Carlos and our 7 year old twin granddaughters right in our front yard. Carlos works at North Shore Waste and Hannah has a pottery business.  Our middle daughter, Leah lives in Madison, Wisconsin and works from home for Priority Heath. She loves it in Madison and has made it her home. Last of all, our youngest daughter, Bekah is managing Sag Lodge up the Gunflint Trail with her fiancĂ©e. Sean and they are hoping to get married in September. We are thankful to God for keeping us healthy during the pandemic.


What is one of your favorite family holiday traditions and why? 

One of our favorite holidays is Thanksgiving in November. We always have a family dinner and we go around the table saying what we are thankful for.

Woods or water (or both)?  Which is more appealing to you both for living here? 

We love both the woods and water, but we live across the road from Lake Superior and that is our favorite reason for living here.

The best way that the Laky family enjoys life in Cook County? 

We mainly enjoy living in the natural beauty around here by hiking, watching wildlife, fishing and watching sunsets.

What words of advice would you give to anyone wondering what is the most important rule in sustaining a relationship? 

We have been married for over 41 years and it has taught us that it is most important to think of your spouse before yourself and communicate by listening to each other. Persevering through trials and hardships and turning to God, when the road is rough and He will help you get through it! Fulfilling the vows that you promised to each other and God, when you got married.

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