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January 2022 North Shore Health News

Jan 03, 2022 05:20AM ● By Editor
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January 3, 2022

Twas about a Month Before Christmas

Twas about a month before Christmas and all through our house the creatures were stirring and even a mouse. Well the mouse I found had nibbled cheese I had forgotten in my Jeep. Decorations were hung and four trees we did trim. All in anticipation of Santa in hopes we’d see him. 

December Flurries

December sure flew by in a fluster of flurries with fun and a lot of games. We held a holiday sale fundraiser with a great turnout. We should be able to indulge in a few Lutefisk meals with our proceeds. Seriously though, I promise you this will not be happening! That’s a joke in more ways than one. We have also generously been gifted money from private individuals, Lutsen Evangelical Lutheran Church and the American Legion Auxiliary to name a few. These monies will go towards new outdoor tables, chairs, and umbrellas. We also plan on getting outdoor plants and perhaps some yard art come spring.  We celebrated Arlene Westphall, Gloria Martineau, Ruth Lovaas and Erland Shold’s birthdays. Doug Sanders played Christmas music on the piano for our party which was a fun treat in itself.  Our dear friend Lucy Lutz moved away closer to her grandchildren.  Lucy was always willing to lend a hand and always looking for something to do. I find myself many times a week thinking I should go get Lucy to help me with a project just to remember that she’s not here to help me. Our friend Bob Haring passed away. We sure miss Bob’s peaceful and gentle ways and his sweet deep laugh. He was always a calm soul and a solid rock.


We held a tea party with china cups and lots of reminiscing, had live Armchair Travel with Anne Brataas sharing scenes from a sardine factory in Norway, and members of Zoar Lutheran Church came and shared Christmas carols with us. Music is something we sorely miss on a regular basis.

All the residents must have been on the nice list as Santa Claus (Troy Batchelor) stopped by with presents for everyone. We had punch, eggnog, coffee and of course Barb Wright came through once again with delicious homemade cookies for our Christmas party. We had a great time at our “twisted” theme New Year’s Eve party commemorating the nuttiness of 2021. We had family members come in and assist us with a game where the family member donned a shower cap, shaving cream was then plopped atop. Residents who wanted to participate could don a cap or be the team mate and toss Cheetos cheese balls onto the shower cap. When time was up whoever had the most cheese balls stuck in their partners cap won a prize. We also said tongue twisters. Can you say this one ten times fast? I wish I were what I was when I wished I were what I am.  No one was hurt during these activities. We had fuzzy refreshments, pretzel twists, pickled fish, cheese and crackers lots of fun.

Treasured Christmas Memories 

Instead of featuring a spotlight resident of the month I thought it would be fun to ask residents about treasured Christmas memories. 

Nona shared about her husband bringing home such a sparce tree that they drilled a holes in it to add a branch. 

Eleanor was busy laughing as she recalled one fun Christmas. Eleanor remembers sitting on the stairs sneakily watching Santa Claus put a few presents under their tree. He wasn’t no Santa in a red suit. He was dressed in rubber boots, had on a stocking cap, had white chalk on his cheeks, grey whiskers were peeking out under a beard made of something like burlap and had a burlap bag which smelled of fish.

Harold recalls literally standing around the Christmas tree with family keeping watch that it didn’t catch on fire as the tree was lit with candles. 


Ethel remembers all the excitement of opening the presents. Every year they all were special and exciting.

Iris remembers with a big smile and the fondest of memories getting dollies each year and one year she was just amazed when she got three or four of them.

Char shared getting a dolly crib her grandpa made out of Diamond Willow. Char proudly shared that she used this special crib for her first two children.

One of Jean’s favorite Christmas Day memories was giving birth to her son Billy.

Bob said he doesn’t remember a favorite Christmas memory and this one wasn’t good either until I came in.

Delores shared about a mishap adventure when she was about ten years old. Her family was living in Wisconsin while relatives were living in Grand Marais. The Grand Marais family didn’t have money at the time to make the trip to Wisconsin to celebrate Christmas so Wisconsin loaded up to travel north. On the way north they passed a car that looked their relatives and they thought naw that can’t possibly be them, but they stopped and made a few phone calls and finally figured out that it was their relatives so Delores’s family turned around and headed back home. By the time they got back the relatives had started cooking Christmas dinner. Delores remembers with a laugh having seven kids in one bedroom and when they left there were nut shells, apple cores and banana peels all over the bedroom floor.

What are your fond Christmas memories?


Once again we would like to thank all of our wonderful staff, volunteers, essential caregivers and all of you for all you do with and for us.

If you are fully vaccinated and would like to volunteer we have many things you could assist with us. Please call the Activity department at 218-387-3518.

Happy Holidays to all and a cup of good cheer! Raising a toast to a marvelous new year! Happy 2022 to all of you from all of us at North Shore Living

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