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Photo Gallery: See life-and-death struggle between a wolf and deer in the northern Ontario woods

Oct 06, 2021 12:30PM ● By Editor
Lesley Johnson was lucky she had her camera with her when she caught some incredible photos of a wolf and deer in a life-and-death struggle in northern Ontario. Photos: Submitted by Lesley Johnson. Photo illustration Alex Brockman/CBC

By Gord Ellis of CBC - Thunder By - October 5, 2021

Lesley Johnson is still stunned by what she saw — and photographed — near her home in Kakabeka Falls, Ont., late last month. 

A wolf, and a deer, engaged in a life-and-death chase on the Kaministiquia River.

Johnson said she was was photographing a couple of anglers when she heard a loud splash in the river.

A deer frantically evades a wolf in a northern Ontario river. Just one of several shots Johnson captured of the incredible encounter. (Submitted by Lesley Johnson)

She looked over to see a deer swimming frantically with a single wolf in hot pursuit.

The buck took off after being pursued by the wolf. (Submitted by Lesley Johnson )

Johnson said the wolf looked young and was alone. 

The crafty wolf hunts its prey. (Submitted by Lesley Johnson)

Johnson said she could barely believe her eyes, but started snapping pictures.

What was supposed to be a day photographing fishing anglers turned into an incredible photo opportunity. (Submitted by Lesley Johnson. )

The deer was panting, and Johnson said it looked as if it was "having a rough go."

The buck had a difficult time keeping up its energy, as the wolf swam behind in hot pursuit. (Submitted by Lesley Johnson )

Ultimately, the wolf turned around and ran back into the woods — alone. 

Eventually the wolf ran away — alone. (Submitted by Lesley Johnson)

Johnson said she never thought she would experience something so unique.

"I just got lucky," she said. "I was in the right spot at the right time. I'll probably never get another picture like that." 

The wolf in the life-and-death chase. (Submitted by Lesley Johnson)

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