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October News at North Shore Health Care Center

Sep 27, 2021 06:16PM ● By Editor
Photos submitted by Lisa Bloomquist

From Lisa Bloomquist, Activities Director - September 27, 2021

September swept by here at North Shore Living.

We spent as much time as possible out on the patio whether we were reading a book, having  a tea party with fresh baked butter braids,  playing a game, breathing in fresh air and listening to nature or simply taking a nap.

Rocks, Trees and Activities

We enjoyed spending an afternoon with LaVona Czaplicki making rock art on the 14th. It was very fun and simple. Anyone could do this project, be creative, perhaps get a little unruly and maybe some of you will end up with a Christmas present? Mark Quello took us on a maple leaf tour on the AEOA bus on September 17th. It was good to get out and enjoy the sunshine and see some fall splendor.

Kay Rosenthal, who used to be my boss when I stated in Activities, has come back on as a casual employee and has brought new needed ideas and energy to our home. Residents have started a weekly Chicken Foot Dominoes club. It has had a good turn out and keeps residents occupied well into the afternoon.  A group of ladies gathered to make a polar fleece baby blanket on the 21rst for our monthly community service project. These blankets are given to a women’s shelter in Duluth. We had a good time chatting, drinking coffee and eating Girl Scout cookies while adorning our baby blanket.    

Happy Hour, Hang Man, Pizza and Pop

One thing our residents get a hankering for is pizza. We do have pizza, but just maybe not enough. We had pop served in wine glasses because why not and pizza. We always have a themed hangman game and on the 24th it had to do with pizza. Joyce was quick witted coming up with Tombstone with only one letter on the board. Some weird toppings we found were baked potato and Sven and Ole’s Lutefisk. The puzzle that got everyone stumped was UFFDA.

Our bean bidding auction, which is always a highlight and quite competitive was a huge success. Family members and staff donated candy, cracker jacks, chocolate, jewelry, puzzles, knick knacks, scarves, blankets, trinkets and so much more. The generosity we have at North Shore Health and in our community is overwhelming. Each resident who wanted to play were given 50 beans to bid with. Iris Shepard helped bag the beans. While counting out the beans Iris asked why we couldn’t just do one bag and weigh the rest? Well this would be a good idea if each bean weighed the same. Can you imagine having 40-60 beans in your bag instead of the exact 50?

Birthdays and Passing’s

Our friend Judy Norvell passed away on September 13th. She was always one busy lady. She loved sports, sweets, pets, her family and Jesus. She will be missed. Tom Hedstrom and Fern Lovaas celebrated their birthdays with a tasty treat baked by Sharon Bloomquist with piano music by Doug Sanders.

Tom Hedstrom is our Spotlight of the month.

Tom was born On September 17th, 1943 in Duluth, MN to Andy and Hildur Hedstrom.  A man of few words it was hard to get something to write about. Pretty much whatever question I asked Tom would say something like …”Aw, not much” and leave it at that.  He is the oldest of 4 children. He grew up on Maple Hill up there in what is now Howard’s house. Something fun Tom did as a child was “Aw….nothing.” I coaxed him a little bit and then got a few fun stories from him. He liked sharing tree forts with his brothers. One brother had a tree fort on one side of the trees and the other brother had a tree fort on the other side. There wasn’t kindergarten when Tom started school. He went to first grade in 1950 where Steve Carlson currently lives. There were 4 rooms he recalls. Grades 1-3 were in one room and 4-6 were in another room. The next year he went to school down town.

Tom graduated from CCHS. His dad and Howard Massie, who were both on the school board signed his diploma. Tome seemed proud of that. Tom worked at the family lumber company doing this and that. Tom loves to go to the Hub and play cribbage which he still does every Thursday. I’ve played a number of games with him over the years and I can never figure out what cards he has in his hand and for sure don’t ever pair him while pegging as you won’t come out ahead. Most of the time he seems to beat you at this game. He’s a sly one that Tom. Tom also plays a lot of solitaire and he loves computer games.

Tom has traveled to California, Florida, Arizona, and Canada. He has gone on many adventures with the Senior Center. Tom said he has pretty much done everything he has wanted. I asked Tom what is something he enjoys about being at North Shore Living Tom said, “There is always something to do.”

There is always something to do!

You can always Skype or FaceTIme with a resident and read them a story

 Of course things can change just like the wind, but as today you can

• Visit your family and friends at North Shore Living in the multi-purpose room by calling the hospital at 387-3040 ex 0. Please make arrangements by calling at least the day before.

• To find out more about becoming an Essential Caregiver please call Robert at 387-3799.

• You may take your friend/family member out on a drive or out to lunch. Please call

387-3264 two hours in advance so we can help get your resident ready for the outing.

• You can FaceTime, Skype, Zoom by calling the Activity department at 387-3518.

•To become an Activity volunteer please call Lisa at 387-3518.

Once again thank you so much to our fantastic volunteers for all your dedication and to all staff who have given so generously.

Life is too short. Go out and spend time in the rocks and trees and do some activities with friends and family. Until next month. Stay safe and enjoy!

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