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Hovland's Conservation Officer Mary Manning helps rescue puppy from cliff along Superior Hiking Trail

Jun 01, 2021 05:14AM ● By Editor
Conservation Officer Mary Manning pictured with Julian Stanke and his dog, Bogi. | Photo: WDIO-TV

By Emily Ness of WDIO-TV - May 31, 2021

A puppy was rescued from a cliff along the Superior Hiking Trail Monday morning with the help of a Northland Conservation Officer.

Bogi, a one year old Springer Spaniel, got loose from his leash and bolted from his owner Julian Stanke while on a hike Sunday night.

Stanke and his girlfriend searched for Bogi for several hours, ultimately locating him on a ledge about 30 feet down from where they were.

They brainstormed how to get to him to no avail and asked for help on the Superior Hiking Trail’s Facebook Page.

“The incredible amount of support and care and love from all of the people was just incredible,” Stanke said. “We had a lot of people offering to come help, offering to bring us gear, just sending well wishes to Bogi to us.”

Ultimately, Stanke said they made the very difficult decision to head home when darkness fell, hoping that Bogi would be okay.

“I can only imagine what that night was probably like for him being cold and wet and in the dark in a place he doesn’t know," Stanke said. "Our biggest hope was that he was going to stay put.”

When they got back Monday morning, Bogi was exactly where they had left him and Conservation Officer Mary Manning, who had been informed of the situation, was waiting to help them climb down the overhang to get Bogi.

“We both burst into tears when we saw Officer Manning,” Stanke said. “We were so happy.”

After climbing down the overhang, Stanke and Bogi were reunited.

“It was really good when he came over and let me pet him and kind of just fell right into my arms and knew that the worst of it was probably over for him,” Stanke said.

Stanke said Bogi came out with only one scratch on his elbow.

He and his girlfriend are beyond grateful for the support and help they received to rescue Bogi.

"We feel so fortunate," Stanke said.

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