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Cook County Offers Transportation Needs Survey

May 21, 2021 05:00PM ● By Editor
From Cook County Public Health and Human Services - May 21, 2021

Cook County Public Health and Human Services, in partnership with the North Shore Health Care Foundation, launched an online survey Friday with the goal of assessing transportation barriers to health care for county residents. 

The survey aims to collect comprehensive feedback from residents who have traveled for health care services both within and outside of Cook County. Any person with experience in accessing health care services is asked to respond. This includes not just people who have received services from PHHS, but anyone who has needed to travel to access health care services. 

Respondents are asked both to share their opinions and to share the survey with friends and neighbors who have experience with accessing health care services in Cook County and beyond. Responding to the survey will take most people less than three minutes. The survey closes to responses on June 5.  

The transportation needs survey is a collaboration between Cook County PHHS and North Shore Health Care Foundation with the support of student intern Sarah McLeod, who is pursuing a master’s degree in social work. 

“The 2017-2022 Cook County Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan, facilitated by Cook County PHHS with input from over 40 collaborators, included a community survey conducted in 2017 that received 145 responses,” said Martina Johnson, Cook County PHHS Adult and Home & Community-Based Services Supervisor. “Responders rated access to transportation as one of the top five issues considered to be “serious problems” in the community. 

“Improving access to health care services is a primary goal of the plan and this collaborative project offers an opportunity for us to better understand and address the transportation needs in our community, specifically as they relate to accessing health care services.” 

To complete the survey: 

  • Click on the following link: 
  • If you have feedback that you would like to share, but do not feel comfortable completing a digital survey, please contact the project liaison, Sarah McLeod, at 218-231-1356 or send an email to [email protected] to set up a telephone interview or request a paper survey. 

PHHS will prepare a summary report to share findings from the survey. The data collected from the survey will help the PHHS department, the North Shore Health Care Foundation, and our community partners better understand the barriers that residents encounter in accessing health care services and guide our efforts in improving access to health-related transportation services. 

Martina Johnson
Cook County PHHS Adult and Home & Community-Based Services Supervisor
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