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Introducing Sarah Lakosky, Dean of Students at Cook County Schools

May 03, 2021 04:34AM ● By Editor
Photos submitted by Sarah Lakosky

May 3, 2021 - by Erica Tate, Cook County ISD 166 student

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Sarah Lakosky, Dean of Students at ISD 166.  We talked about her life, her interests, and her job at the school.   Sarah lived in Ely for 20 years before moving back to Cook County.  Some of the things Sarah likes about living here include the community, the lake, the families, seeing Erica, and the woods. 

Sarah has 2 kitties, and 2 dogs, and a fish, and she also has 2 kids, Sarah likes to run around with her kids and go to the skatepark with her kids and go on walks with her dogs and go biking and canoeing and bake for her friends in her free time. She has lived in southeast Asia for one winter and she lived in Europe in her last semester of college.  She's been to Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.  She's camped in northern Canada and Alaska and she has traveled a lot in the US.  

Sarah graduated from Cook County High School and she grew up by the courthouse in Grand Marais, Minnesota.  She worked up the Gunflint Trail for 11 years also. She has 8 brothers and sisters and everybody in Grand Marais refers to her as Dave's sister. She moved back to Cook County in 2018.   She lived in Ely for 20 years before that. 

Sarah loves to go on adventures.  She has traveled to Florida, which is a really pretty state, She's been to almost all the states. She went to Hawaii when she was 12.  She likes our school because of the teachers and staff and students, Sarah has worked at 3 schools,  Sarah loves working here at Cook County Schools and her favorite part of her job is the students and teachers. Sarah wanted this job because she wants to advocate for students and build relationships between the school and families. 

Sarah has been working in schools since 2004 and she has been working here at Cook County Schools since 2018.  Sarah's new role as Dean of Students is a new position for our school and it's very exciting for her.  She really looks forward to building relationships and being part of a strong and positive team here at ISD166.


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