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March North Shore Health Care Center News

Feb 25, 2021 06:13PM ● By Editor
Photos submitted by Lisa Bloomquist

February 25, 2021

In February Phillip saw his shadow. We saw sunshine and Yvonne S. and Doris B. turn a year older.  Doris shared some colorful cupcakes with us for her birthday. They were a fun treat.

Chocolate covered ants

Since we are unable to go to the Hub for lunch we had take-out brought to us by our faithful AEOA bus driver Mark. Some residents from the Wave’s household had a delicious meal of barbeque chicken, baked beans, cornbread and strawberry shortcake. It reminded us of a picnic so we started talking about things we would bring on such an adventure. Of course, the conversation turned to potato salad and the ingredients we put in it. Somehow we got to talking about chocolate-covered ants. I looked them up on Amazon and yes they are available. Do you think anyone up here would dare eat them? We played our High Low game. Some of the ladies were really good at guessing and got through all 9 cards without missing. As our picnic was on a Monday, we headed right from lunch to Bingo because you simply can’t miss that.

Be mine valentine

Marce spent some time asking residents if they could give anyone a Valentine who would it be to and what would it say. Some of the heart-felt comments were “My mother-in-law Bernadine. I miss you.” “Ruby Anderson, I miss you so much. You can never know.” ”Love to all of my children.”  “Sandy, I love you.” “To my sister, I love you.” ”To my sister Christine, Love ya.”  “To Carroll, Love you much.” “To my wife Audrey. Keep looking up. I will soon be there.”  “To my dad. Thank you.” “I love you Ray.” “I love milk.” “To my husband Jim. Thank you for a long and happy marriage and 3 wonderful children.” “To my husband, oh how I miss you.” “Fred, come on back.” “To Amanda, I hope your chickens are doing fine.”

We received homemade Valentine’s and cookies from some wonderful ladies in our community. We had a Valentine’s and a Mardi Gras party. Some of the resident’s said they  couldn’t guess some of the Mardi Gras words from our Hangman game very easily as we haven’t been to Mardi Gras. Can you guess this one? _ _ _ _   _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

According to the Perk we learned anyone considering a brain transplant might want to change his mind. We also learned men didn’t like giving chocolates with another man’s name on them to their girlfriends so Andrew Kanelos changed the name of his chocolates to Andes.

Resident Spotlight of the Month-Sorry I didn’t get on the ball. There was a lot to juggle this past month. Stay tuned until next month. In other news, Emily Jacobsen is a new activities employee and she is doing a fabulous job. Welcome, Emily.


Ways you can visit

We continue to have indoor visits. You can visit with a resident by calling the front desk at 218-387-3040 extension 0. You can schedule a Skype, FaceTime, family room door visit by calling the Activity department at 218-387-3518. 

Thank you

Thank you so much for all you continue to pour into us whether it is through the encouragement of letters, boxes of chocolates, cupcakes, Skyping and reading to residents, sending valentines, donations of gifts and money, flowers. You name it. We appreciate it.

New this month:  March activities calendar attached as a PDF below!
Boreal Ship Spotter - larger view here