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Video: Talking Points: Gov. Walz Says He’s Doing What’s Best For Minnesota, Not What’s Popular

Nov 23, 2020 06:42AM ● By Editor

Watch the WCCO-TV Report here

Photo: WCCO-TV

By Esme Murphy of WCCO-TV News - November 22, 2020

On a weekend that brought thousands of more COVID-19 cases and dozens of more deaths, there were hundreds of protestors outside Gov. Tim Walz’s residence Saturday, demanding that youth sports continue.

In an interview Sunday morning, Walz said that he is following the science and doing what’s best for the state and not necessarily what’s popular. The governor and Department of Health officials have repeatedly said that they can predict from this past week’s numbers what the next week will look like. The governor said next week’s numbers will again be devastating.

“I take no joy in that,” Walz said. “It’s the math, and it’s the momentum, case positives are followed seven to 10 days later by hospitalizations, which are followed by ICU and deaths, and we are in that spiral right now.” 

The governor said it will be two weeks before the data comes out to show if the current restrictions are working. As for the vaccine, he says Minnesota could see the first doses for health care workers by the end of next month. 

Walz says Congress needs to pass a stimulus bill now to help hurting Minnesotans and their businesses. According to the governor, Democrats need to be willing to accept a smaller bailout than they want and try to get a second larger stimulus passed later.

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