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Video Northlanders react to news of Biden's victory

Nov 08, 2020 05:32AM ● By Editor

Watch the WDIO-TV Report here

Joe Biden speaking to children in Canal Park during his visit to Duluth back in September.  Photo: WDIO-TV

By Emily Ness of WDIO-TV - November 7, 2020

After a hard fought battle on both sides of the aisle, Northlanders reacted to news of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s victory Saturday.

“I am relieved,” Cheri Christopherson of Wisconsin said. “We needed something different."

Chris Unger of Minnesota, however, said that he was hoping Trump would have been elected for a second term.

"I was hoping for Trump just to go the way we’ve been going because I thought, outside of the pandemic, he’s done good in my opinion,” Unger said.

Abby Hansen of Minnesota said that the fate of the election was in God’s hands.

"I just felt like no matter who won, we should respect and trust that God has a plan,” Hansen said.

In addition to their reactions, folks shared with WDIO what they would like to see the Biden Administration accomplish.

Christopherson said she’d like to see Biden lead on the COVID front and bring people together.

"I would definitely like to see some more leadership on the COVID front and I would like him to use his skills to bring Congress and the people together a lot more,” Christopherson said.

While, Brandon Parker of Minnesota said he’d like to see his Second Amendment rights remain protected.

"I think we should all have our fair share of some type of weapon to defend our homes and families with. So, if you want to collect an AR-15 or a glock or a shotgun, you know, thats up to you. Its your choice to do whatever you want. Land of the free, home of the brave,” Parker said.

Other topics addressed were immigration policies and defunding the police.

"I feel like immigration stuff could be a little looser. That would be cool,” Micah Maeda of Minnesota said.

"When you take away money from a particular department, that could really hurt them and hurt their future response times,” Parker said.

Even though much is still up in the air, many looked towards the future Saturday.

"I just wish the best for Biden and for him to get there and make our country Greater,” Parker said.

"He always was a guy that could talk across the isle so I’m hoping that he can do that and get things done that way,” Unger said.

President Donald Trump said Saturday that the election is "far from over" and that he and his campaign plan to prosecute their case in court to "ensure election laws are fully upheld and and the rightful winner is seated."

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