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Statement on Paid Political Advertising on

Sep 19, 2020 03:48PM ● By Editor
From Boreal Community Media - September 18, 2020


Boreal Community Media accepts paid political advertising for candidates who are registered with the election board for any township, city, county, state or federal elected office.  While on-line political advertising is not regulated, we follow standards similar to rules that apply to broadcast and cable television political advertising by the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Election Commission.

These include:
  • Candidates must be registered with the corresponding election board for that elected office.
  • The candidate or organization who paid for the advertisement must be clearly identified.
  • Advertising is only accepted for political candidates, not from those that advocate certain positions.
  • Advertising will be accepted from all candidates for any office, we do not accept paid advertising from one candidate over another.
  • All candidates wishing to run paid advertising will purchase advertising at Boreal's normal published rates.
  • Boreal Community Media reserves the right to monitor submissions and reject any political advertisement which is knowingly false or misleading.
Acceptance of paid political advertising from candidates for elected office does not mean Boreal Community Media endorses that candidate.  Boreal does not accept or publish editorial content which is political in nature.

If you are a candidate who wishes to purchase paid political office advertising, please send a notice to [email protected] and you will be contacted.

From the Boreal Community Media Board of Directors

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