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Cook County Sheriff urges respect for others' choices

Jul 15, 2020 07:14PM ● By Editor
From Boreal Community Media - July 15, 2020

In a Facebook post on the Cook County Sheriff's office  and Public Safety page, Sheriff Pat Eliasen of Cook County MN urged community members to respect each other and their choices to express themselves, including wearing face masks.  He also noted that destroying the personal property of another person is a crime.

The text of the Facebook post follows:

"We have experienced some calls for service regarding the damage and removal of Black Lives Matter signs in Cook County. Please know that it is a crime to damage the property of another, and when we receive these calls, we will investigate them, and charges may follow if suspects are identified. Although you may not agree with others' choices or views, I am asking for your respect in recognizing that everyone has the freedom of expression in this country. Everyone also has the right to display their property in legal methods without the fear of it being destroyed. 

The other issue I would like to address is the wearing of masks during this pandemic. As of now, this is a personal choice in public places. This is also a freedom that citizens should enjoy without the fear of being ostracized or berated for doing so. Whatever your choice may be regarding wearing masks, please respect others' decisions who have decided a different path than your own. 

We are experiencing times that are difficult, stressful, delicate, and sometimes exasperating. During difficult times, the person's measure is not by how much chaos you can cause, but preferably by how you can affect a positive environment around yourself and others. The burden is upon the individual to promote an encouraging, progressive atmosphere so that everyone can live their lives as stress-free as possible. This is a time to be people built for others and pick each other up because we do not know the burdens our fellow person carries, and they do not know ours. Help each other shoulder the load, and things may start coming around for a more optimistic existence. Take care everyone and have a great week."

Your Sheriff,

Pat Eliasen

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