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Video: Some businesses waiting to reopen, finalizing safety plans

May 19, 2020 06:05AM ● By Editor

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Photo: WDIO-TV

From WDIO-TV - May 19, 2020

She likened it to a time capsule. "It's been a long nine weeks," shared Denise Kaitala, owner of Trailfitters, which is located inside Fitger's.

Monday, she and other staff were getting the store ready for customers. They will open again for in-person shopping on Wednesday. "This is the right thing for us. It took us a few more days to get the right folks back, to get the sanitizing stations ready, to have the policies and procedures in place," Kaitala said.

They will be asking customers to wear masks. You'll notice the staff will all be wearing them. There are signs on the floors reminding shoppers about social distancing. And if too many people start coming into the store, they'll temporarily shut the door until some customers leave.

Kaitala is grateful for the support from the community. "We know it's not convenient to buy a jacket or hiking boots without trying them on." The silver lining in all of this, is that they had time to develop their online presence.

Hucklebeary on Superior Street is reopening in June, but they won't be letting people inside the store. "We came up with a window shopping concept. You'll be able to come right up to the window and order what you want. We're moving most of our merchandise up to the front," Emily Ekstrom explained. That way 30 people won't be touching the cards and gifts, before one person buys them.

Her dog, Bear, turns 7 in June. It's his birthday month, and he'll be at the store, behind plexiglass. "He's going to help us celebrate. That's what Hucklebeary does. We help with those birthday and anniversary gifts. And weddings. Those are still happening, and we are still here to help people celebrate those," she explained.

Someday, she hopes people can walk into her shop again.

She said the antique store next to her installed a doorbell, and will be scheduling times people can come shop.

Others have decided to stick with curbside for now. Many stores still had "Closed" signs up on Monday.

Across the bridge, in Superior, La Peinado Salon is working on a plan to reopen. But working on a way to scheduled 1000 of clients, and make sure they have enough PPE for everyone, is taking some time.

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