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Counterfeit markers seized by Border Patrol

May 10, 2020 09:40AM ● By Editor

Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

From the International Falls Journal - May 9, 2020

A rail container destined to arrive in Ranier contained 5,000 counterfeit marking pens sets, valued at more than $100,000, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers report.

CBP officers from the International Falls port targeted the rail car and Tuesday seized the marking pen sets in found to be in violation of intellectual property rights, IPR, regulations. The sets have an estimated manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $115,000 if the goods were genuine.

“This interception of counterfeit goods demonstrates the vigilance and expertise our CBP officers have in detecting, intercepting and seizing dangerous imports.” said Anthony Jackson, International Falls port director. “Importing products that violate intellectual property rights and the trade in counterfeit goods threaten America’s economic vitality, national security, and the health and safety of the American people.”

Stopping the flow of illicit goods is a priority trade issue for CBP. The importation of counterfeit merchandise can damage the U.S. economy and threaten the health and safety of the American people. For more information on CBP’s IPR priority trade issue visit: CBP Trade and IPR.

With the growth of foreign trade, unscrupulous companies have profited billions of dollars from the sale of counterfeit and pirated goods, a news release from CBP said. To combat the illicit trade of merchandise violating laws relating to IPR, trademark and copyright holders may register with CBP through an online system. Such registration assists CBP officers and import specialists in identifying merchandise that violates U.S. law.

CBP’s IPR enforcement strategy is multi-layered and includes seizing illegal merchandise at the borders, pushing the border “outward” through audits of suspect importers, cooperating with international trading partners, and collaborating with industry and governmental agencies to enhance these efforts, the release said.

CBP has established an educational initiative at U.S. international airports and online to raise consumer awareness about the consequences and dangers that can be associated with the purchase of counterfeit and pirated goods. These include the loss of American jobs, support of criminal activity, significant risks to consumer health and safety, and the impacts of unknowingly purchasing counterfeits online. For more information, see

If you have any information regarding suspected fraud or illegal trade activity, please contact CBP through the e-Allegations Online Trade Violation Reporting System or by calling 1-800-BE-ALERT. IPR violations can also be reported to the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center at or by telephone at 1-866-IPR-2060.

To read the original article and see related reporting, follow this link to the International Falls Journal.

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