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More Hand-Sewn Masks Needed in Cook County

Apr 15, 2020 02:45PM ● By Editor
From the Cook County Emergency Operations Center - April 15, 2020

The Cook County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) announced today that it is in need of additional donations of hand-sewn masks, as all donations received to date have been distributed to local healthcare partners and other front-line responders.

According to EOC Chief Logistics Officer Lori Ericson, the EOC donations program has distributed the following to local medical staff and support workers:

* 308 hand-sewn masks
* 135 N95 masks
* 540 surgical/procedure masks
* 39 face shields
* 12 boxes disposable gloves
* 23 digital thermometers

"The response to the EOC's donations program has been tremendous," said Ericson. "We're off to an amazing start, but we do need more: we are working to keep everyone in our county safe and illness-free."

Ericson estimates that the EOC will need at least 1,500 hand-sewn masks to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The EOC's list of items needed also includes N95 masks, face shields, Tyvek suits/gowns coated with polypropylene, and bulk hand sanitizer at or above 60 percent alcohol.

Instructions for making a hand-sewn mask are available at Donations can be made by contacting the donations manager at tel:2183873668 or mailto:%[email protected]

"Again, we want to thank everyone for the generous response to our request for donations," Ericson said. "We are fortunate to be part of such a generous, caring community."
Lori Ericson
(218) 387-3612
Email to: [email protected]
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