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Finding Joy at North Shore Living

Apr 02, 2020 10:39AM ● By Editor
April 2, 2020

During these times of uncertainty in our county, the nation, and the world, the staff at North Shore Living are vigilant in their goal to keep our residents healthy, both in body and mind. As a staff caring for these elders, we respect and admire their resiliency and fortitude to move through this current world-wide crisis. Many of our elders have seen adversity in their past, and we can learn a lot from them. They are sharing their memories of being separated from loved ones for extended periods of time, food being rationed, and how they all helped each other out through the hard times. They learned to appreciate the basics during these times, and listening to their stories give all of us hope during these trying times.

In an attempt to replace the visits of family and friends, the Activity Department staff is dedicated to providing companionship, joy, meaning, and purposefulness into each day. We are visiting with each resident on a daily basis, and coming up with creative methods to interact with them.

We have word puzzles for the residents that we distribute daily. To make it more fun, they can turn in their puzzles for a weekly drawing. Bingo is always a favorite with our residents. Adaptations have been made to accommodate social distancing, and we will continue to bring them “Bingo” at least once a week.

Thanks to the dedication of our local churches, church services and daily spiritual readings are also available on-line to keep residents connected with their church community.

FaceTime has become a popular way to stay connected for our residents, and they are excited to try out a technology that is new to many of them. If you would like to connect with someone here at North Shore Living, please call the Activity Department at 387-3518 t set up a time.


Sending cards and letters is another way to bring brighten their days. It also provides those who are quarantined at home an opportunity to do something meaningful for our residents. If you would like to send a card to a resident, and don’t know of anyone living at North Shore Health, please address it as follows:

Activity Department, North Shore Living
515 W. 5th Ave.
Grand Marais, MN  55604

We will read your card to a resident who may not have family, and I know it will bring joy to their day!

We will continue to find creative ways to keep our residents vibrant, and we are grateful to live in a community that continues to support our elder population here at North Shore Living.

In closing I would like to leave you with these words from Jamie Tworkowski, Founder of “To Write Love on Her Arms”.

“Conversations will not be cancelled, Songs will not be cancelled, Hope will not be cancelled, Relationships will not be cancelled, Reading will not be cancelled, Love will not be cancelled, Self-care will not be cancelled”