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Order Onion and Leek Plants through February 18

Feb 04, 2020 04:00PM ● By Editor
Photo:  UMN Extension

From the Cook County MN Extension Office - February 4, 2020

Every year we order as a community onion and leek plants to save money and promote local growing.

Onions and leeks can be ordered through the CC Extension office starting Tuesday, February 4 through Tuesday, February 18.

All onions and leeks come in bunches for 50 – 75 plants.  You can order ¼ bunch, ½ bunch or full bunches.  We aggregate the orders together.  The cost is usually less than $4 for a bunch of onions and less than $13 for a bunch of leeks.

Please stop in, call, or email your orders to me.  Make sure that I reply to say I have your order.  If I don’t reply, I don’t have your order.

Here are your possibilities this year:

Blush Onion – Pink storage hybrid onion, unique cross between yellow and red onions.  110-120 day onion, 3-4” size, stores 5- 6 months.

Copra Onion – Very sweet yellow hybrid onion, slightly pungent, 110 day onion, 3-4” size, stores 10 -12 months.

Highlander Onion – Yellow sweet hybrid onion, 85-90 day onion, firm bulbs with thin necks, 3-4” size, stores 5-6 months.

Red Zeppelin Onion -  Red to purple sweet hybrid onions with slight pungent flavor, 100 – 110 days, 3-4” size, stores 6-8 months. 

Red Wing Onion – Red hybrid onion that is more pungent than Red Zeppelin, 100 -120 days 3-3.5” size, stores 8-10 months.

Walla Walla Onion – Very large onion grown for its wonderful sweet flavor.  90 day onion, 6” size, stores only 1 month.

Borrettana Cippolini Onion – Pretty open pollinated Italian onions with a flattened spherical shape, 110 days, 1-3” diameter, 1” thick.  Sweeten and caramelize nice, great for braiding.  Keep 5 months.

Lancelot Leeks – Wonderful leeks for our area.  As long as you keep blanching them, they will grow.  75-days with 12-14” white shafts.


Diane Booth
CC Community Center / Extension
317 W. 5th Street
Grand Marais, MN  55604
[email protected]
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