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Video: Tow Trucks Brace to Rescue Drivers

Dec 29, 2019 07:53AM ● By Editor

Watch the WDIO-TV Report here

By Emily Ness of WDIO-TV - December 29, 2019

Working hand in hand with law enforcement and first responders, tow trucks are bracing themselves for another winter storm.

“We have Rochester, Austin, Albert Lee and Saint Paul and then Duluth and Superior,” Hank Grunewalv, Manager Virgil’s Towing in Superior said.

According to Grunewalv, crews at Virgil's Towing spent all day Friday preparing.

Virgils Towing covers seven areas across Minnesota

Virgil's Towing covers seven areas across Minnesota. Photo: WDIO


“Getting our trucks ready and making sure that our winch cables are all straight and clean and no problems with that and getting chains ready and straps for pulling cars out of the ditch,” Grunewalv said.

In the Twin Cities, freezing rain caused for hundreds of accidents.

“The state patrol ordered our trucks off the roads in the Metro area. It’s just—it’s too icy to be on the roads. From what I understand between Rochester and the Twin Cities, there’s a lot of accidents on the highway. The roads are getting to be basically impassable,” Grunewalv said.

Tow trucks in the Northland will do their best to remain on the roads, but will abide by the state patrol’s orders.

“I anticipate complications with every storm. There’s always something that complicates it and of course the terrain around here really complicates things,” Grunewalv said. “Nobody wants to have their car pulled out of a ditch or towed from an accident or break down or whatever it happens to be. It’s never a pleasant experience, but they’re generally happy to see us when we get there.”

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