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Snow Mageddon Makes it's Mark

Nov 30, 2019 04:08PM ● By Editor
Strong winds and drifting snow making travel near impossible in the Duluth area.  Photo: WDIO-TV

By Emily Ness of WDIO-TV • December 1, 2019

In the calm before the storm, people locked down last minute items, businesses prepared to close and city officials advised people to avoid the roads all together.

“Early this morning, we determined that it was really in the best interest of residents and visitors to put out a no travel advisory starting at noon today and really have it go until we need to lift it,” Kate Van Daele, Public Information Officer for the city of Duluth said.

Since the storm began, there have been accidents, power outages and floods.

“We’re just in for a hockey tournament this weekend from the Twin Cities and so we’ve been watching the weather of course. You know, there was flood warnings out for down here,” Seth Naeve, visitor said.

According to Van Daele, the City of Duluth and the National Weather Service will be monitoring the waves closely. Already, streets in Canal Park closed due to their severity.

“The caliber of this one that they're predicting might be a little bit more than we're used to,” Amber Nichols, Manager of Lake Superior Art Glass said.

As the storm progressed, Van Daele said that it could be hours before emergency personnel are able to reach drivers in these conditions and that those who have to drive should keep an emergency kit in their car in case they get stranded.

“If you have water bottles and batteries—food, a blanket, these are some of the essentials that you would need,” Van Daele said.

Visitors of Duluth too, are prepared to be stranded.

“I just talked to my mom about that. I was like what if we get snowed in tomorrow? She was like ‘We’ll deal with that tomorrow,’” Madyx Shrives, visitor said.

Like Shrives, Naeve said that he and his family would plan accordingly.

“We've got enough clothes and we could stay again if we had to,” Naeve said.

The City of Duluth will update citizens and visitors when they have lifted their travel advisory, but until then, people are advised not to travel.

"We just encourage the public to stay home, kind of snuggle in and just stay safe," Van Daele said.

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