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Sandi Pillsbury Gredzens is recognized by Continental Who's Who

Oct 23, 2019 10:35AM ● By Editor

Media Release from Continental Who's Who - October 23, 2019

Sandi Pillsbury Gredzens is being recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Lifetime Achiever in the fields of Art and Art Education in recognition of her outstanding service as an Artist/Art Educator at North Shore Serenity.

With impeccable knowledge in the areas of art education, drawing, landscape painting, mixed media, oil painting, studio art and watercolors, Ms. Pillsbury Gredzens established North Shore Serenity. Her business is located in Two Harbors, MN, near the beautiful Lake Superior. A native of Minnesota, she chose the location on account of its serene location; a piece of splendor that she has been appreciating since childhood. The art center hopes to inspire artisans and instill a sense of tranquility by offering a wide range of workshops, private art classes, and more. 

An acclaimed expert in the field of art, Ms. Pillsbury Gredzens is revered for her outstanding work and contributions to the field. In her current capacity, Ms. Pillsbury Gredzens has attained extensive expertise in the areas of oil, acrylic, alkyd and watercolors when painting. With over forty years of experience as a practicing artist and an art educator for over thirty years.

Some of Ms. Pillsbury Gredzens' stunning works include the "Falling Water" series that "began during a turbulent time in [her] life" showing water as a representation for emotional twists and turns; and the "Flower" series, started in memory of her late brother-in-law. Currently, Ms. Pillsbury Gredzens is working on seven series, some of which include her various travels in Europe. Her "Sky/Clouds" series, gives honor to important people in her life who have passed to the heavenly realms. Ms. Pillsbury Gredzens wants her viewers, "to go deeper than just the surface of the painting, to find what lies beneath the surface. Our world is amazing- I encourage people to just stop and really LOOK at God's magnificent creation!" 

Before starting her career, Ms. Pillsbury Gredzens obtained multiple degrees. First, she enrolled at Stephens College in Columbia, MO, where she earned an Associate of Art. She then attended University of California-Santa Cruz, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts. For art education, she went to Hamline University and completed a master's degree.

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