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Kenora man injured in bear attack: OPP

Sep 29, 2019 08:17AM ● By Editor
A Kenora man was injured in a black bear attack this week, police said. Photo: Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press

From CBC News - Thunder Bay - September 27, 2019

A 69-year-old Kenora man suffered non-life threatening injuries when he was attacked by a bear in the northwestern Ontario community this week, OPP said.

Police were notified of the incident at about 11:15 a.m. Thursday. The victim said he had been attacked by a black bear while walking on Rice Lake Road.

Officers responded and located a bear in the Rice Lake Road area. OPP said the officers believed the bear to be the one responsible for the attack; the bear, police said, was dispatched.

The Ministry of Natural Resources is continuing with the investigation.

The incident was the second bear attack in northwestern Ontario this month.

A 62-year-old woman was killed by a black bear on Red Pine Island on Rainy Lake on Sept. 1.

OPP officers also killed the bear involved in that incident.

Police are reminding people to use extreme caution when a bear is encountered.

In the case of non-emergency bear encounters — such as sightings of bears checking garbage, wandering through yards, or breaking into a shed where garbage or food is stored — members of the public can call Bear Wise at 1-866-514-2327.

In the event of an emergency encounter — for example, if a bear enters a school yard, enters or attempts to enter a residence, kills livestock or pets, or stalks people and lingers — people are advised to call 911 immediately.

To read the original story and see related reporting, follow this link to the CBC News website.

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