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New dog boarding kennel open and ready for business

Jul 05, 2019 06:00AM ● By Editor

By Brian Larsen of the Cook County News Herald - July 5, 2019

One of the problems many people face when they are going out of town is, whom can I get to look after Fido?

Josiah Avery has an answer for that Carteroft-asked question. You can board Maraisyour dog(s) at Rocky Knoll Boarding, his new kennel.

If Josiah’s name seems familiar to you, it’s because he calls in the Colvill weather every week to the Cook County News-Herald, showing dedication beyond his years.

While not large, Avery’s facility can safely accommodate several dogs.

“I can board as many as three dogs at one time,” said Josiah. “My building contains three separate kennels, and I have a large outside play area.”

When asked how long an owner can kennel their dog, he was quick to respond, “We can kennel dogs for as much time as the owner desires.”

The cost to give your dog a friendly, safe place to stay is very reasonable.

Gecas “Our going rate is $30 per day

Lakefor days 1-14. However, if your dog is staying for longer than 14 days, the cost for each additional day past 14 is $25. If you leave your dog with me just for the day (not overnight), the price is $20. To make things clear, we charge per day not per night. For example, if someone leaves their dog overnight, they will pay for two days.

“If a dog owner wishes to board more than one dog in the same kennel, the rate is $50 per day,” Josiah added.

Will the dogs be walked?

“Yes! During your dog’s stay, he or she will be treated well. In addition to at least two walks daily, there will be plenty of pats and love to go around.”

What about shots and paperwork as proof that they have been vaccinated?

“The three vaccinations that your dog must have before its stay at Rocky Knoll are distemper, rabies, and Bordetella (kennel cough).

“Kennel cough must be administered at least a week before your stay. Also, I must have a current vaccination record for your dog prior to their stay. The owner can send it via email or drop it off.”

Josiah is young, but he isn’t a newcomer to the business.

“I have been taking care of dogs for at least seven years now. I started small, keeping only select dogs in my home. Within a couple of years, we moved out to County Road 14 to a house with a small insulated outbuilding. That is where I started taking in a small number of customers as a business.

“Last fall, we (his parents) began building an actual kennel building, which was completed earlier this year. This May I was approved for a special use permit through the county, so I can officially be recognized as a small kennel.”

To make sure your dog feels comfortable, Josiah advises you to bring, “A couple of his/her toys, your dog’s bed or blanket, some treats, and your dog’s leash.”

Also, you must bring your dogs’ food, and he asks that you bring extra in case you need to extend your trip. Food and water dishes are provided.

While he has plans to expand, for now, those plans will have to wait. 

“Unfortunately, on the property that I am on, I cannot expand. In the future, however, I plan on purchasing a larger property to build a more spacious kennel. For now, I’ll have to settle for a three stall kennel.”

Josiah graduated last year from homeschool. This past winter, he took a break from schooling, “as I am still yet undecided what I will do for my major. I plan to begin taking a couple classes at a time online this fall to work towards a degree that I could use alongside my business as I plan on keeping the kennel operating through the foreseeable future.”

Rocky Knoll Boarding kennel is located at 1471 County Road 14, Grand Marais. On your way east of Grand Marais on Highway 61, you will see two entrances to Co. Road 14. Do not take the first one. From Grand Marais, you continue on Highway 61 for about 11 miles just past mile marker 121. Turn left onto County Road 14. Continue up 14 for approximately 1.5 miles.

“When you pass Caspers Hill Road, we are the first driveway on the right. Our fire number is just past our driveway,” he said.

Drop off/Pick up times are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday – Saturday. Sunday hours are 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

If you would like to contact Josiah or schedule a visit, call him at 218- 387-3568, or email Josiah at [email protected].

Last but not least, Josiah said, “If you would like to see the kennel, I do request that you schedule an appointment to do so.”