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Video: Hot Weather Brings Large Crowds to Duluth Beaches

Jun 30, 2019 07:22AM ● By Editor

Park Point was flooded with people Saturday due to the nice hot weather in Duluth. Photo:  WDIO  

By Alejandra Palacios of WDIO-TV - June 29, 2019

It was a beautiful day to be outdoors enjoying the hot weather in Duluth Saturday. Plenty of people were doing that by going to the local beaches.

"It feels like it’s the second day of summer, it’s really nice. It’s nice to not have it be 55 degrees and windy, and being in Duluth we have to take advantage of this when we get it,” said Allie Carpenter, Garret Schleis, Ryan Tolkinen, and Ian O 'Connor. The group of friends were in Park Point Beach.

When it's a hot summer day, some people avoid being outdoors, but here in Duluth, since hot summer days are rare, thousands of people were out in Lake Superior cooling off.

"I'm ecstatic. It sure beats being outside watching TV all day. We don't get too many days like this,” said Dave Piskie and Micah Hughes. They were doing scuba diving in Brighton Beach.

"80 degree weather is my thing. It’s not hot to me right now, I love hot weather. I don't know how I’ve lived here as long as I have,” Erica Olson, a Park Point Beach visitor, said.

"It’s great, I don't feel it’s hot, I’m from southern Ohio so I love this weather," said Nancy Larson, a Park Point Beach visitor.

This weather even inspired folks from out of town to come to Duluth and soak up the sun in the seven mile stretch that Park Point offers. While others enjoyed a picnic and walk in Brighton Beach.

"We came over from Bemidji because it’s so beautiful it’s like almost being at the ocean,” Larson said.

"We just got our scuba certification so we went out see how the water was and find all kinds of different things," Piskie said.

"We were just playing catch with the football and plan on going in the water,” Tolkinen said.

Although the crowds caused a lot of traffic throughout Duluth, it didn't stop people from taking advantage of the hot day. And everyone came well equipped to be out in the sun.

"We have shelter, we got the umbrella, we got a lot of food. We're just going to relax and have fun,” Larson said.

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