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Notice to Haulers - Most Seasonal Road Restrictions Lifted

May 29, 2019 09:17AM ● By Editor

Media Release from Cook County Highway Department  - June 5, 2019  


Seasonal load restrictions will be lifted on most County roads as of 12:01 a.m. June 7. The following roads or sections of roads remain restricted:

*       CSAH 6
*       CSAH 14 (from CR 60 on the west end to Trout Lake Rd on the east end)
*       CR 55
*       CR 56
*       CR 58
*       CR 60
*       CR 74
*       CR 75
*       CR 102 

Many gravel roads remain soft due to this spring's wet conditions and late season snowfall. The condition of gravel roads will continue to be inspected daily, and weight restrictions on each road will be removed as soon as conditions allow.

Haulers are asked to be mindful of posted bridges, which have year-round varying load restrictions, on some Cook County Highways. 

Haulers are also asked to be alert for pedestrians, cyclists and ATVs as the busy season is upon us. 

Any questions can be directed to the Highway Department at 387-3014.

Contact: Krysten Foster, County Engineer, 387-3014 or [email protected]