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Photo Gallery: Trident-wielding surfers ride Lake Superior waves during Polar Vortex

Feb 05, 2019 04:48AM ● By Editor

All photos by Devin Hains

By Brandon Champion of - February 5, 2019

Sub-zero temperatures couldn’t keep a pair of well-known Michigan surfers from catching a wave on Lake Superior.

Photographer Devon Hains captured a slew of frozen photos featuring Daniel “Surfer Dan” Schetter and Allen Finau surfing on the Great Lake in Marquette County amid the polar vortex that swept Michigan last week.  

Hains said surfing in the minus-30 windchill and temperatures below zero is nothing new for the duo. 

“They go out and surf in them often,” he said. “Some of the best waves in Lake Superior come with the winter snow and ice. So, after trying to get some waves on Sunday, but struggling with ice buildup on the surf boards, they decided to get out their tridents and we shot that with the waves for a while.” 

And while the Aquaman-like tridents look awesome, they also help the surfers maneuver on the ice by acting like a cane or hook that plunges into the ice. 

“I think all Lake Superior surfers have a certain element to their personality many other people would call crazy,” Hains, who shared his work on Facebook at Devon Hains Photography said. “Makes them excellent subjects to point a camera at.” 

Hains wore three layers of thermals under jeans and snow pants, sweatshirt, winter jacket, two pairs of gloves with hand warmers in them, wool socks, a facemask and a beanie to keep warm during the shoot.  

“Only my eyes were exposed, and my eyebrows and hat accumulated some ice from the water vapor in my breath,” he said. 

Devon Hains Photography
Devon Hains Photography
Devon Hains Photography
Devon Hains Photography
Devon Hains Photography
Devon Hains Photography