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North Dakota and Minnesota battle it out in Walleye War

Jan 03, 2019 08:32AM ● By Editor

By Ken Chase of the Grand Forks Herald on January 2, 2019

Two anglers from two different lakes will duke it out Thursday, Jan. 3, in a contest to see who can catch the most, the biggest, and the best Walleye.

The inaugural War of the Walleye will pit fishermen from Lake of the Woods, Minnesota and Devils Lake, North Dakota against one another in a friendly competition to highlight the quality of fishing on their lakes.

Joe Henry of Minnesota and Tanner Cheney of North Dakota, both tourism professionals representing their respective lakes, will go head to head on a series of Facebook live stream events tomorrow. The streams will be hosted on the Lake of the Woodsand Devil's Lake tourism pages.

They plan to stream the event at the bottom and top of the hour on Facebook all day so fishing fans can keep up. Points will be awarded for everything ranging from who catches the most fish, to who catches the biggest fish.

Fish such as Pike and Saugers will count for points, but the focus will be on Walleye, according to the event's website.

Joe Henry said dark water in Lake of the Woods will give him an edge.

“That enables those Walleyes and Saugers to bite all day long,” said Joe Henry, Executive Director of Lake of the Woods Tourism. “They're not susceptible to the light so much because it's dark down there during the day.”

The Walleye War starts Jan. 3 at 9 a.m.

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