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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Monthly newsletter now available

Oct 16, 2018 03:29PM ● By Editor

From the Violence Prevention Center via Boreal Community Media - October 16, 2018

In Minnesota alone more than 65,000 adults receive domestic violence services from programs like ours. And if that number isn’t jarring enough it’s estimated that less than 50% of people who experience domestic violence will ever reach out for services. Nationally the statistics are about 20 people per minute are experiencing  physical abuse by an intimate partner which equates to more than 10 million women and men every year. With many national news stories surrounding issues of sexual assault and domestic violence many are left wondering, “what can I do?” The National Resource Center on Domestic created a campaign called #1Thing this year to remind us all that it takes one thing to make a difference, “one person’s actions may seem insignificant,  but together communities’ collective “1Things” can lead to real social transformation.”

The campaign reminds us this domestic violence awareness month that making change with all of our “#1Thing” turns into a collective of #1Things sparking change. So what will your one thing be? Where will you start? Here are some ideas from us and Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence:
  • Volunteer your time and become a volunteer advocate (see our posting above about our first meeting above!)
  • Follow local organizations (like us!) on social media and share about events or information on issues like domestic violence with friends.
  • Wear our t shirt and spark conversation. Our shirts, with the message “Believe There is Good in the World” are $15 and can be purchased right at the VPC.
  • Donate to your local organizations to help them keep helping the people of your community!
  • Above all else, be a person people can trust to come to when they need help. Believe survivors. Listen to survivors. And ask, “what can I do for you?”
For more information and to read the Domestic Prevention Center October newsletter, follow this link.

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