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Minnesotans seek to reel in angler who lost video camera in 2016

Aug 23, 2018 07:02AM ● By Editor
The unidentified angler in this picture lost a video camera in the fall of 2016. Minnesota residents Shawn Perich and Al Lutkevich found the camera on the Old Woman River this past spring and would like to identify the angler and return the camera to him. (video capture: Al Lutkevich)

From CBC News · August 23, 2018

A pair of Minnesota based anglers who found a video camera last spring on Lake Superior's north shore would like to track down the owner.

In May of this year, Shawn Perich and his pal Al Lutkevich, were fishing on the Old Woman River, when Lutkevich found a camera.

Back at their cabin, they discovered the silt covered camera still worked.

The memory card also had some video on it of someone fishing for trout in late October or early November of 2016.

Perich says the angler had started from Sault Ste.Marie and was chronicling his fishing adventures on different rivers as he travelled west.

"So what he was doing is he would use a tripod and just film himself fishing," Perich said. "So there were several videos like this. And I thought we should just try to get this camera back to this guy."

This capture from a video shows the angler who lost the camera. The chest waders and specialty fishing gear suggests a keen trout angler, according to Shawn Perich.  (video capture: Al Lutkevich)

In the videos, the angler is dressed in chest waders and has a long, graphite fishing rod and what is known as a centre pin reel.

Perich said the specialty fishing equipment suggests a very keen steelhead angler, and someone who is likely known to other anglers.

He said they tried contacting the camera manufacturer with the serial number to see if the angler had registered it, but have had no response.

Without a name, neither of the men new how to move forward with the search.

"Then we were just scratching our heads, since we are from the western end of the lake, we didn't think any of our contacts would work to find the guy...."

Perich said he approached CBC Thunder Bay outdoor columnist Gord Ellis with the story in hopes of spreading the word north of the border.

He said he and his pal Lutkevich would like to return the video camera to the rightful owner.

"I hope that someone recognizes him," said Perich. "Or has heard the story as obviously he must have told somebody about losing his camera when he got home."

Anyone with information about this angler is asked to contact Shawn Perich at [email protected] or Gord Ellis at [email protected]

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