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Video: Star Tribune showcases beauty of Minnesota's Superior Hiking Trail

Aug 11, 2018 07:26AM ● By Editor

By Ellery McCardle of KARE 11 TV.

MINNESOTA -- The North Shore is an extremely popular place to visit this time of year, with landmarks like Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Lighthouse.

But the Superior Hiking Trail is a treasure that is often overlooked. It's 310 miles between the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and the Canadian border.

The Star Tribune is trying to make good on that oversight by highlighting the trail with an unusual project.

"The Superior Hiking Trail is really an unexplored natural wonder for most Minnesotans," said Brian Peterson, a photographer for 30 years at the newspaper.

On the trail, you'll find waterfalls, rocks, cliffs, lakes and of course Lake Superior.

Star Tribune contributor Melanie Radzicki McManus hiked the entire trail... 310 miles worth... in 20 days. She has hiked thousands of miles of trails in America with a mission to show people what's out there. But she said her hike along the Superior Hiking Trail was extra rewarding because she loves the Great Lakes.

"You have these wonderful views of the lake and then in between you're constantly passing these waterfalls and creeks. There are awesome views of Lake Superior; always sapphire blue and just stretching and melting into the sky as far as you can see," said Radzicki McManus.

As she made her way up and down the trail Peterson was catching up or getting ahead of Radzicki McManus to capture the incredible views. Peterson grew up in Duluth and was still in awe by his experience on the Superior Hiking Trail.

"I've been up to the North Shore 100 times like most people but to get out get in the back country and get on the trail is really a unique experience," he said.

Radzicki McManus was on the trail for a couple of weeks and there were challenges, from the bugs to the weather. "The trail was hard on your feet," she recalls. But those challenges were worth it all. After hiking 310 miles, she said she'd do it again.

"It just fills your soul it really does. If people have any inclination to hike this trail or try it they should. I really want people to see how much beauty there is here," said Radzicki McManus.

Her best piece of advice for hikers is to use trekking poles.

Today, part five of the series will be published. The final story will be released on Aug. 17. You can read the series by visiting the Star Tribune website.

Watch the KARE 11 TV report here

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