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Boreal Community Media

Boreal seeks to raise awareness of its Emergency Preparedness Portal

Jun 25, 2018 11:46AM ● By Editor
Inside of the new promotional mailer.  Photo from Boreal Community Media

U.S. Postal Service customers across Cook County will be receiving a promotional mailer in their mail boxes to raise awareness of the new Boreal Emergency Preparedness Portal at

"This mailer is to remind community members is that there is a new on-line resource available to share information and tips for navigating and enjoying the many wonders of Cook County - safely", said Lisa Bauer, Executive Director of Boreal Community Media.  "Our Emergency Preparedness Portal curates loads of helpful information about safety - in the wilderness, on the water, at home and beyond."

The mailer provides information on what type of content is available on the website portal.  It also includes a list of the members of the Cook County Emergency Management community who participated in development of the new website.

"Our emergency service personnel and volunteers work tireless to keep the public safe.  They will share their insights on how life in our area can be enjoyed safely and what to do if you face an emergency.  All in one easy to navigate on-line portal," said Valerie Marasco, Director of Emergency Management for Cook County.

 Outside of mailer

Businesses who are interested in becoming distribution points for the mailers to their customers can contact Lisa Bauer via email at [email protected]