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Great Lakes water levels on the rise

May 13, 2018 04:21PM ● By Editor

The Great Lakes water levels are above their long-term average May levels with all of them expected to rise — some with bigger spikes than others — into the summer.

Lake Superior is expected to rise four inches, Lake Michigan-Huron three inches, Lake St. Clair two inches and Lake Ontario one inch over the next 30 days, according to date from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Only Lake Erie is expected to stay at its current level, officials said.

Every lake except for Lake Ontario will experience higher levels than previously in 2017. Then in either August or September, the levels begin to their traditional decline into the fall and winter months, according to the Army Corps data.

The Army Corps estimates were released recently for estimated levels through October of this year.

Lake levels have been rising with above average amounts since they hit bottom record-low levels in 2013.

The Army Corps works with Environment and Climate Change Canada to produce the six-month forecast of the Great Lakes water averages.

With an increase in lake levels, experts say, come erosion of shorelines in some areas.

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