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Special Thursday music: Maria Nickolay

at Voyageur Brewing

We all need a bit of an extra mood boost in the April. Come enjoy some special Thursday music with local artist Maria Nickolay and get your weekend started early with a craft beer! Maria Nickolay’s music seeks to illuminate stories of the soul through song. Before becoming a solo artist in her own right, Nickolay performed around Northern Minnesota in various bands with family and friends. After a spending two years in Northern Ireland she has returned to her North Shore roots to continue writing and performing her music. A voice laced with both smoke and silk, at turns clear and full of gravel, Nickolay infuses lyric and melody with a style that unites traditional and past tunes with current music. Her sound comes out of a depth of musical genres; including Traditional Irish, Appalachian, Blues, Folk, Indie, Country, and even and little Rock n’ Roll. Every song she delivers she does so with honest emotion and a contagious passion for the sheer joy of making music. Nickolay is currently playing live in local venues in the Cook County area. Her latest album can be found at

Date & Time

April 12, 2018

5:00PM - 8:00PM