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Beginning Swedish - 4 Sessions

Beginning Swedish Language Part 2 - (4 Sessions) Instructor: Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux Tuesdays January 23rd-Feb 13th 5:30-7pm Cost: $80 (includes 4 sessions) *Funding should not be a barrier, please contact us for further details.*Funding should not be a barrier, please contact us for further details. This will be a small group class focusing on both immersion and conversation (practical, travel, and cooking). The last night of class will include a Swedish Smörgåsbord. This four-session class is a follow up to Beginning Swedish Part 1 and will give students a foundation of grammar, sentence structure and conversational phrases. It may be possible to attend even if you have not taken Beginning Swedish Part 1 (contact CCHE if interested). Games, songs and art will be incorporated along with listening, speaking, reading and writing. This class is for total beginners and those wishing to brush up on the fundamentals. Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux has been teaching Swedish since she was a teenager, and has worked at the American Swedish Institute, the Concordia Language Villages (CLV), and other summer camps and community programs. Her participatory style is strongly influenced by her time at CLV.

Date & Time

Weekly on Tuesday

Jan 23, 2018 through Feb 20, 2018


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$80 (includes 4 sessions and a smorgasbord) *Don't let finances be a barrier. Scholarship options available.

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