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75 Parks in 7 Months

Take a photo tour of all of Minnesota's State Parks

How many of us can say we’ve seen every corner of the state of Minnesota? Gary Leeper can. Gary Leeper had his own version of a “Big Year” in 2016. He visited all of Minnesota’s 75 state parks using the Minnesota State Park Passport Program, beginning his tour in April and finishing in October. Gary is an avid photographer and recorded his visits through photos and video. Join us for a wonderful tour of some of Minnesota’s greatest natural resources, highlighting what makes each park unique and what they offer to visitors. Let Gary inspire you to leave your chair determined to explore on your own.

Date & Time

July 8, 2017

10:00AM - 12:00PM

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$2 per person; $5 per family

Nature & Outdoors Tofte / Schroeder