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Visiting Norwegian craftsmen hosting free demonstrations

at North House Folk School

May 12: 1pm-4pm North House will welcome a group of 7 craftsmen visiting from Norway on Friday, May 12. While they are here, the group will offer demonstrations open to the public from 1pm-4pm. Please come to campus to check out the work of these highly skilled visitors! ////////////////////////////// Jon Dahlmo: blacksmith, professional edge tool maker, skilled woodworker and log builder Øystein Myhre: blacksmith, professional maker of laminated edge axes for more than 10 years, now specializing in making “navar”, a traditional conical auger Peter Brennvik: wooden boat builder and carpenter, specializes in wooden handtools and traditional tool boxes Thor Aage Heiberg: a joiner (møbelsnekker) and organ builder, with special interest in traditional doors and windows with hand tools Ivar Jørstad: master carpenter, with special interest in restoring houses Siv Holmin: carpenter, specialized in splitting logs, hewing boards, restoring wooden buildings, as well as grass roofs with birch bark. Roald Renmælmo: carpenter with a special interest in traditional hand tools and traditional crafts, works with axe, saw and handplanes //////////////////////////// Blacksmiths Jon Dahlmo and Øystein Myhre will demonstrate forging laminated plane irons. Woodworkers Peter Brennvik and Thor Aage Heiberg will build a handplane. Carpenters Ivar Jørstad, Siv Holmin, and Roald Renmælmo will split and hew boards from logs and demonstrate use of the pjål.

Date & Time

May 12, 2017

1:00PM - 4:00PM

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