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Move It In May!

Eat Well! Be Well! Keep It Moving!

MOVE IT is about moving towards good health in lots of ways, including being physically active. It’s also about choosing healthier foods and feeling more peaceful and engaged in your life. Check out the MOVE IT calendar, and you’re sure to find something to get you moving in a healthy direction! Visit and click on the MOVE IT icon for detailed information on event times and locations. You can also register online to log your minutes/miles of physical activity. You'll not only be registered for prizes, they’ll all add up as we make our way from hot spring to hot spring on our way to Chena, Alaska! We made it part of the way in February, but we still have a few hot springs left to visit. Can we MOVE IT enough to get there and back this May?

Date & Time

Every Day!

May 01, 2017 through May 31, 2017


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