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Free opportunities to recreate outdoors this weekend in Minnesota as part of Great Out Doors Month

Jun 07, 2024 10:19AM ● By Content Editor
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From Boreal Community Media - June 7, 2024

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is kicking off the statewide Great Out Doors Month celebration with its separate free activities this weekend. According to the DNR, the Great Out Doors Month "Proclamation points to the investments in renewing and evolving the state’s outdoor recreation system through the Get Out MORE (Modernize Outdoor Recreation Experiences) initiative as an example of the critical importance of outdoor recreation to Minnesotans."

Here is a roundup of the free activities Minnesotans can participate in this weekend:

The DNR has also issued a visitor alert this week due to recent heavy rain, which has caused flooding, washouts, and trail/road closures at parks across the state. Check visitor alerts at the top of each park page (if there are any) at

Additionally, boaters and paddlers should be aware of the dangers posed by high, fast-moving water, especially in rivers. Fallen debris, such as trees and branches, can create "strainers" that trap and swamp watercraft, putting passengers in danger. 

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