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MN DNR: Leave fawns alone

Jun 09, 2023 09:04AM ● By Content Editor
Photo: MN DNR 

From the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - June 9, 2023

Fawn season is here, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is issuing a for all Minnesotans to leave fawns where they are.

Most hidden fawns are not abandoned! Wildlife rehabilitators receive several fawns each year that were actually kidnapped. Unless a fawn is injured, sick, or malnourished, it likely does not need help. Before handling or moving any fawn, please contact your local wildlife rehabilitator

Fawn season is here, and here are some fun facts about fawns:

  • White-tailed deer often have twins, or even triplets.
  • A doe will leave a fawn well-hidden for hours at a time. This is a way of protecting the fawn from predators as the doe feeds. Twins will be hidden separately from one another.
  • A fawn’s white spots serve as visual camouflage to help hide them from predators. The pattern mimics sunlight breaking through the trees to the ground.
  • Fawns grow up fast — after only six weeks, they’re fully weaned. Female fawns stay with their mother for up to two years, but male fawns will typically leave after the first year.
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