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Meet your Cook County neighbor: Dee Brazell

Apr 08, 2023 07:06AM ● By Editor
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A Boreal Community Media Exclusive - April 8, 2023

Are you getting a chance to revive and relax during the "slow season"?  What do you do to take care of yourself to avoid burnout due to your busy schedule?

I snowshoe, enjoy having coffee with family, sleeping in a little longer and get out of town for a bit in the winter months. 

Favorite spot to go hang out in the County when you are not working?

My favorite place is hiking on our property that’s out in the woods. 

The big question that we want to know.  How do you stay so fit when working with all those tempting doughnuts?  Do you sneak a few while you work?  What is your favorite?

Keeping fit can be a battle at times! But, I do yoga and walks and hike as much as possible. 
My favorite donut is the cinnamon sugar cake donut. And if I eat the “Freaks” there’s no calories cuz they’re the ends of the batches!

How are the staffing challenges looking?  Are you finding enough workers?  Have you had to get creative with hiring, such as offering housing?

I struggle with staffing just like everyone else, and the only way to deal with that is to buy a house and hire international workers. I usually get 4 every summer. Then hire others that are sponsored by other businesses that are looking for 2nd jobs if I need to.

What are some of the lessons that you have learned or been given when working for a family business that you feel are important?  Any words of wisdom that have been passed down?

There are lessons learned all the time when owning a business. There are a lot of decisions that have to be made. I’ve learned that it’s not easy, but I still love it!

Words of wisdom that my grandma always said, “ It’s easier to keep a customer coming back than it is to attract a new customer.”

If you won a dream vacation and could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

My dream vacation is to go to  Africa on a Safari! 

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