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Historic photos celebrate centennial of Superior National Forest recreation plan

Dec 03, 2022 06:32AM ● By Editor
“On Lake Insula near the center of the lake and showing the characteristic island formation in this section. The pines on the island are evidently trees which have grown since the fire of 25 or 30 years ago.” (Arthur Carhart/USFS

November 30, 2022 by  of Quetico Superior Wilderness News

“Carhart’s trip on the Superior took place only 10 years after the Forest was proclaimed, when the agency was developing current and future management plans for future recreational use,” said Lee Johnson, Superior National Forest archaeologist. “When Carhart visited the Superior, there were few roads in the area, very few tourists in the backcountry, and the nation was recovering from a World War and an influenza epidemic. The big pine log drives were still occurring up on the Border Lakes. From the perspective of land use history, Carhart’s visit occurred at a key stage. Things were changing fast, and both his plan and his photographs capture that.”

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