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‘Why Treaties Matter’ Exhibit Visits Duluth

Nov 29, 2022 09:23AM ● By Content Editor
Photo: Minnesota Humanities Center

By Mason Kroll - Fox 21 News - November 28, 2022

With Native American Heritage Month drawing to an end, the John Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health partnered with AICHO to display an exhibit that tells the story of why treaties matter.

The traveling exhibit is owned and run by the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council and has been around since 2008. It is put on with the intention of educating the public about treaties and how they have and continue to affect our region and beyond.

Organizers hope those who visit the exhibit leave with a greater understanding and awareness of tribal sovereignty and how the past impacts the present.

“I think a lot of people in Minnesota don’t realize that everyone who lives here has treaty rights. Whether you’re native or not native, treaties exist, and we’ve entered into these relationships and the land that we use, the water that we drink, the spaces we play in, work in, all have something to do with treaties we have entered into,” Great Lakes Hub of The John Hopkins Center for Indigenous Health Director, Melissa Walls says.

This is a traveling exhibit, moving its way across the country. Before it landed in Duluth Monday, it spent the last three weeks at John Hopkins University in Baltimore.

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