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Lights, camera, action: New movie production comes to the Iron Range

Nov 21, 2022 09:04AM ● By Content Editor
Photo: WDIO News

By Cara Kopp - Northern News Now - November 20, 2022

Chisholm, MN. -- It was quiet on set in Chisholm on Sunday.

Production for a new movie called “Fun-Raiser” is taking place in Chisholm.

“It’s about an art school struggling to get along that actually has to move into this big warehouse space and build itself in there just to get by. That’s going to hold a fundraiser to get financing for its ongoing. Then of course on day, everything goes wrong,” co-founder of Lost Forty Studio, Karl Gajdusek, said.

Lost Boy Studio officials chose to leave Hollywood and come to the Iron Range.

Intrigued by the MN Production Rebate incentive that the state offered the film industry last year.

“Last year Minnesota brought on an incentive, St. Louis County brought on an incentive, and the IRRRB has an incentive. All these entities are supporting the film industry,” Gajdusek said. “Here in Chisholm, we are enjoying all three of them and we are a part of all three of them.”

They said they have many ideas for Chisholm’s picturesque landscape, and their 55,000 sq. ft. studio.

The economy, local work force, and the ability to have a sustained business model pushed them to start filming in the northland.

“I think it’s just resourcing from local Goodwill’s, and shopping centers,” Matt Roy, co-founder of Lost Forty Studio said. “We are also resourcing a lot of the production assistants and interns locally.”

Even actors are making trips across the country to take advantage of the growing industry.

“They’re really building something new and cool here by bring the industry to a part of the country that seems like they haven’t had access to it yet,” Casper, who plays Anita Handley in “Fun-Raiser,” said.

Casper is an actor from Los Angeles and said areas like Chisholm are the best place to get their foot in the door.

“This is my first feature film,” Casper said. “I’ve never done a full-length film before and so it felt like a way to come in a very safe, easy, low stakes, but high challenging way.”

The Lost Forty Studio has not revealed a release date for “Fun-Raiser” yet, but if you are interested in joining their production team, you can visit this link.

To read this original story and more news, follow this link to the Northern News Now website.

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