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Northlanders gather to learn how to save monarch butterflies

Aug 07, 2022 06:46AM ● By Editor
Photos: KBJR-TV

By Robb Coles of KBJR-TV • August 6, 2022

Butterfly enthusiasts gathered in Duluth Saturday to learn what they can do to help the monarch population grow. According to leaders with Duluth Monarch Buddies, the butterflies are becoming endangered due to a variety of reasons including habitat loss.


The Monarch Buddies gave a tour of seven monarch waystations.

Organizers said the waystations are gardens that feature a mix of milkweed, nectar, and pollinator plants and provide the perfect place for monarchs to mature and thrive.

Tom Uecker is Vice President of Duluth Monarch Buddies.

He said it’s encouraging to see more and more people become interested in helping butterflies in our area.


“It’s wonderful. It’s exactly what we want to see. I never get sick of seeing butterflies. In fact, I’ve never run into anybody who says they don’t like butterflies. It’s kind of an easy sell,” said Uecker.

According to Uecker, one of the best ways anyone can help monarchs thrive, is to plant milkweed.

To watch the video version of this report and see related stories, follow this link to the KBJR-TV website.

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