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Locally Laid Egg Company Presents AirB-N-Bawk

Jun 22, 2022 09:44AM ● By Laura Durenberger
Photo: Locally Laid Egg Company

By Mason Kroll - Fox 21 News - June 14, 2022

“It is really fun. I, for years have wanted to bring egg-tourism to this farm,” Locally Laid Egg Company Marketing Chick, Lucie Amundsen says.

Locally Laid Egg Company, a business based out of Wrenshall known for their eggs has taken on a new venture. The company has built a 6 foot elevated house, an AirB-N-Bawk as they call it, for people to come and enjoy a contemporary space while having a first hand experience of what it’s like to farm.

“I don’t think anyone is doing something exactly like this anywhere. This idea that you can do all of the farm chores and process eggs and get your own carton and sell that at the farmers market. It’s really the whole package,” said Amundsen.

While staying at the farm, visitors can choose their own adventure. Activities include feeding and watering the chickens, moving paddock fencing, gathering and packaging eggs, as well as working the farm stand at the Duluth Farmer’s Market.

“To have people see what it really takes to have food done locally, it is possible, it’s also a lot of work and they can understand why local providers end up charging more than big competitors. So, I think it’s really a good education for people,” said Amundsen.

Guests have two options of stay, the perch and the nest. The perch is a is a 10 x 20 treehouse that presents a pasture view, sleeps four, and includes a kitchenette and fire pit. The nest is a more price friendly option that sleeps three.

“I like to think that this will either take people and cement their poultry dreams or this will serve as a farm contraception for them, which is equally as important to know that this is not for you. You know, because we, a chore they can do is mucking the chicken coops and that’s something we do, and it would be important for folks to see that first hand; know what it’s like to be out here everyday,” said Amundsen.

It has been difficult for the farm to find help this year, and so they hope that the new AirB-N-Bawk will not only be an educational experience for those who stay, but also a source of assistance with the daily workload.

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