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Care Partners Welcomes New Executive Director, Julie Wilson

May 19, 2022 01:42PM ● By Editor

May 19, 2022 - Care Partners of Cook County is pleased to announce their new Executive Director, Julie Wilson.  Julie brings a passion for community service and aging well to Care Partners and Cook County. With Julie’s leadership, Care Partners will continue to be built upon the area’s strengths and to promote “a community that is fully supported to navigate through our shared journeys of aging, chronic illness, and end-of-life.

Julie is a social worker who has supported older adults and caregivers for over 15 years in community outreach, resource assistance, home care, senior housing, assisted living, and nursing homes.  She enjoys connecting with older adults and their families and caregivers in any capacity.

Her passion stems from deep personal experience.  “I grew up on a farm in Northwestern Minnesota, around my elders. My grandma lived with us for a time growing up. Grandma had dementia and we learned early to see the person and seek to create moments of joy for her – including playing Rummy – and being OK with Grandma’s rules. Later in life, my dad developed Alzheimer’s disease and my passion for families, caregivers and transitions strengthened.  It is a hard journey with beautiful moments,” Julie shared.

Julie and her husband Paul are in the process of building their home a couple miles north of Grand Marais and are thrilled to be a part of the Cook County community.  “I feel at home already and look forward to being a part of this special place.”

Julie has two very spoiled pups, Daisy and Asoka “Soki” who enjoy the outdoors together.  She looks forward to meeting people, sharing a good cup of coffee, and good conversation. “I have loved the welcoming spirit of Cook County and feel blessed as we lean into our future here”.  

Her first priorities will be getting to know the area’s seniors, caregivers, and community partners. “Aging is not something that happens in isolation. It is a journey we all take together.  We are all blessed by the wisdom and lifetime of ’labors of love’ that have paved the way for us. It is an honor to advocate for and wrap around these leaders and beautiful spirits among us.” Julie looks forward to listening and learning of the experiences around aging in Cook County and helping Care Partners continue to provide the services that our elders have come to rely on. 

For more information about Care Partners, call (218) 387-3788 or visit their website:




Contact:  Julie Wilson, Executive Director – Care Partners at [email protected] (218) 387-3788, PO Box 282, Grand Marais, MN 55604


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