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Celebrate Arbor Month by planting a tree

May 19, 2022 11:27AM ● By Content Editor

Image: Boreal Community Media files

From MN DNR - May 19, 2022

With warmer weather and May being Arbor Month, now is a great time to plant a tree, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

“Minnesotans across the state can plant trees now to support resilient community forests into the future,” said Jennifer Teegarden, cooperative forest management outreach specialist. “By thoughtfully choosing, planting, and caring for a diverse mix of trees, people can help community forests store carbon, improve air and water quality, and provide other benefits.”

Healthy trees are important to Minnesota and its residents, but Minnesota’s trees are under stress from changing temperature and precipitation patterns, and more extreme weather events. Planting a healthy tree adapted to changing climate conditions and choosing a species that adds to the diverse mix of trees in the surrounding area improves resilience to these stressors.

Teegarden said the Kentucky coffeetree is a less common tree that is well-adapted to a changing climate because it grows in a wide range of habitats, has no major pests, is salt and ice-storm tolerant, and is pollinator-friendly.

The Arbor Month page of the DNR website has resources for choosing a climate-resilient tree that is suitable for different locations, planting and caring for trees, and understanding how trees mitigate the effects of climate change.

Visit this link to find local tree giveaways and plant swaps around Cook County this spring.