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VIDEO: The Catch: Climate Change and Your Allergies

May 12, 2022 10:45AM ● By Laura Durenberger
From GLN Editor - Great Lakes Now - May 9, 2022

Wheeze. Sniffle. Sneeze.

If you already suffer from seasonal allergies, get ready for more severe symptoms as the Great Lakes region experiences climate change in the coming decades.

Atmospheric scientist Allison Steiner of the University of Michigan and some colleagues recently published a new study about the impacts of climate change on pollen season in the Midwest and beyond.

“The Catch” reported on the study.

“We looked at where, when, and how much pollen would change in the future based on its response to warmer climates,” she said. “And we found that by the end of the century or around 2100, pollen emissions could increase by about 16-40% for the United States.”

Those results came from looking at changes in temperature and preciptation. “The increases could be much larger if we also account for how higher CO2 concentrations may influence pollen production,” Steiner said.

To see the original story, follow this link to the Great Lakes Now website. 

Allergies and Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region

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