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Cook County ISD 166 Organizational Meeting 1/6/22

Jan 05, 2022 01:19PM ● By Editor
January 5, 2022

Cook County School District - ISD 166

5:00 PM Organizational Board Meeting

Jane Mianowski Conference Center

101 W 5th St., Grand Marais, MN 55604



1.0        Call to Order

2.0        Pledge of Allegiance

3.0        Approve Meeting Agenda

4.0 Read District Policy 209 Board Code of Ethics

5.0 Recognition of Visitors

6.0   Organization of the Board

6.1   Election of Board Chair

6.2   Election of Board Clerk, delegating statutory
        duties to the ISD166 District Office.

6.3   Election of Board Treasurer, delegating statutory            
        duties to the ISD166 District Office.

7.0 Organizational Board Business

7.1   Approve Staff Eligible to Conduct
        Electronic Funds Transfers

7.2   Appoint and Approve Board

         Assignments- 2021 List & 2022 Draft

7.3   Establish the Time and Meeting Place of Board          Meetings

7.4   Establish the Compensation Rates for School
        Board Members                                                     

7.5    Approve Financial Institutions

7.6    Approve Official Newspaper

        7.7    Designate Authorized Contacts for Legal    

8.0   Discussion/Action Items

8.1    COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Policy

          Policy 490 or Policy 491

8.2     Approve Metrics for Relaxing the Face Covering

9.0 Adjourn

9.1      Adjourn Organizational Meeting

*This agenda is posted as a courtesy to the public and is subject to change

I.S.D. 166 Guidelines for Community Comments

Revised 1/16/2018

Approved 2/15/2018

1. Anyone indicating a desire to speak will be acknowledged by the Board Chair. When called upon to speak, please state your name and topic. 

2. All remarks shall be addressed to the board as a whole, not to any specific member(s) or to any person who is not a member of the board. 

3. If there are a number of individuals present to speak on the same topic, please designate a spokesperson to summarize the issue.

4. Please provide at least 8 copies of any documents that you plan to share.

5. If you need electronic equipment or other assistance setting up, please contact the District Office and the district will try to accommodate your request(s).

6. Please answer the following questions (if appropriate) within your presentation: 

a. What agenda item does the proposal relate to?  

b. How would students benefit from the proposal?  

c. How does the proposal impact the future educational services and financial responsibility of the district?  

d. What data or research supports the proposal? 

7. Please limit your comments to three minutes.  Longer time may be granted at the discretion of the Board Chair.  

8. If you have written comments, the board would like to have a copy, which will help them better understand, investigate and respond to your proposal. 

9. During Community Comments the board and administration listen to comments.  Responses will be shared at the next regularly scheduled board meeting. Board members or the Superintendent may ask questions of you in order to gain a thorough understanding of your concern, suggestion or request.


10. Please be aware that disrespectful comments or comments of a personal nature, directed at an individual either by name or inference, will not be allowed.  Personnel concerns should be directed first to the principal, then to the superintendent and then in writing to the board. 

11. Please refrain from making comments at other times during the board meeting.

12. If you have a concern which arises after Community Comments have been presented, please make note of your concern and share it with the board chair following the meeting.

13. After Community comments have been heard refrain from interrupting the meeting.  Personal comments, opinions, grammatical corrections, etc. should not be made during the meeting.