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One act play selection/audition for community performance

Jan 04, 2022 01:40PM ● By Editor
From the Grand Marais Playhouse - January 4, 2022

We will have a one act play reading, selection and casting on Monday, January 10 at 7 pm at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts.
If you are interested in acting in one of the following plays, please come. Actors in grade 8 to adult are welcome. No experience necessary.
We will also discuss the possibility for a ten minute musical.
Rehearsals will be evenings Monday - Thursday and the performances are February 4 &5 at 7 PM and Feb 6 at 2 PM.
There is a $100 participation fee. Scholarships are available.
Please contact the playhouse for more information.

Potential play selection:

Hands Across the Sea by Noel Coward
Lady Maureen (piggie)
Peter - COMMANDER PETER GILPIN, R.N. - Maureen's Husband
Mrs. Wadhurst
Mr. Wadhurst
Mr. Burnham
Lady Gilpin (Piggie) is so busy with social duties and gossip that she has no time for coherent thinking. She is set aflutter when her drawing room is suddenly filled with her husband's naval conferees, blueprint delivery boys and dumpy Mr. and Mrs. Wadhurst from the Far East, who flighty Piggie mistakes for the Rawlingsons. The Wadhursts overhear intimate phone conversations, are stumbled over, spilled upon and completely ignored before Piggie finally gets it straight.

Teeth by Tina Howe
Dr. Rose
It's Bach's birthday. A neurotic woman has come to her dentist to have a filling replaced, but he's struggling with his own problems. 

Trifles by Susan Gaspel
George Henerson, County attorney
LEWIS HALE, A neighboring farmer
The play begins "in the now-abandoned farmhouse of John and Minnie Wright".[11] On command from the county attorney, Mr. Hale recounts his visit to the house the previous day. He found Mrs. Wright behaving strangely and her husband upstairs dead, with a rope around his neck. Mr. Hale notes that when he questioned her, Mrs. Wright claimed that she was asleep when someone strangled her husband. While the three men are searching the house for evidence, "the women begin to explore the domestic space on their own. As they interact with the stage environment, the two women discover clues to the couple's personalities as well as potential evidence in the case".[11] Although Minnie and John Wright are not physically present they "become vivid figures for us via the dialogue and actions of Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters".[11] Through evidence, the wives soon realize that Mr. Wright killed his wife's pet bird, and that led to Mrs. Wright killing her husband. Although the men find no evidence upstairs in the Wright house that would prove Mrs. Wright guilty, the wives piece together that Mrs. Wright was a victim of abuse by her husband. They understand how it feels to be oppressed by men. After the women discover the truth, they hide the evidence against Mrs. Wright so that she is spared the punishment for killing her husband. Whether Mrs. Wright is convicted is neither confirmed nor denied at the end of the play.

The Devil and Daniel Webster by Stephan Vincent Benet
Jabez Jones
Mary Stone
Daniel Webster
Mr. Scratch
A jury of sinners
Towns folk

The Happy Journey by Thorton Wilder
The stage manager
Ma Kirby
Arthur (13)
Caroline (15)
Pa( elmer) kirby
Beulah ( 22)

The final play selection will be determined by cast availability and preference.  Rehearsals will begin immediately.

For questions contact the Playhouse.

Sue Hennessy
Artistic/ Technical Director
[email protected]
Grand Marais Playhouse
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